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ROBOTS WANTED: Dead or Alive, Whole or Parts, Please help the virtual robot museum grow! Some of the robots that I am interested in: HeathKit (HERO JR, HERO 1, HERO 2000, Arm Trainer), Androbots (Topo, BOB, BOB/XA, Fred, and Androman), RB5X, Artec GEMINI, Omnibots, Rhino Robots, MAXX STEELE, NEWTON SynPet, Comro Tot, Marvin Mark I, RoPet, Servitron, ELAMI, CYBER I, HUBOT, Hearoid, Turtles, Etc. Also looking for Robot accessories and technical literature. Please don't throw that old Robot away! E-mail
The NEW home for the Heathkit HERO robots! We acquired the remaining stock of HERO robot parts along with the rights to the robots and manuals. All of the HERO robots are supported including the HERO 1, HERO Jr, HERO 2000, and Arm Trainer base. Professional robot repairs/upgrades can be provided as well as new options and spare parts. Your one stop shop for HERO support.

We are in the process of organizing the complete inventory and documentation. It is a much larger task than we expected but it is almost complete. All of the optional ROM's and many upgrades are available. If you have specific requests for parts or manuals then please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to accommodate. E-mail

Once the inventory is wrapped up the new section of the robotworkshop website will be updated to include pages for all the new robot options: HERO Jr Master Cartridge, HERO 2000 Memory/IDE controller, HERO 2000 Universal I/O card, and many others.

There are many new options and replacement parts coming out this year for the HERO robots. Below is a picture of one of the latest prototypes. It is a USB interface for the HERO 1 robot and it will make it much easier for anyone with a newer PC or Macintosh computer that wants to connect to the HERO 1. Similar adapters are in the works for the other HERO robots as well.

Other new HERO 1 items include 'Correct' replacement sonar foam pads for the front of the robot and an updated HERO 1 Main ROM source listing book that shows the complete source for the main HERO 1 robot. Thsi book is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to do assembly programming for the HERO 1 robot.

There are also two free diagnostic programs available (with source). One is for the HERO 1 and the other for the HERO Jr. They not only help ensure your robot is functioning correctly but also make great examples on how to write an assembly program for each one of those robots.

The current BattleBot section for 'crash test dummy' and 'crash test junior' robots are going to be moved off to a new section. Since they've retired from Battlebots they are being re-purposed. The smaller one is becoming a showbot and the larger Battlebot (that was on the show) is going to do weekly trash duty taking things to the curb for us each week.
Virtual Personal robot museum. Highlights Personal and educational robots from the late 70's through early 90's. The focus are the robots from the mid 80's.

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"Keeping Personal Robots alive!"

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